From machine inserters to folding machines and laser and Inkjet  printing we offer a fine range of fulfilment services, we can discuss what suits and looks best for what you are mailing out.

Envelope Inserting / Poly wrapping

With inserting machines that handle A4 – DL envelopes, at up to 4000 per hour, and Poly-wrappers that can wrap from 1000 – 6000 per hour, most jobs can be fully mechanised for a quick turn around as required. Ask us about personalisation of your carrier sheets or perhaps you would like us to pre-print the envelopes with your logo & return address.

Confidential Mail

We can ensure your mailings are totally secure at the fulfilment stage. Please ask us for further details of our mail security options. Confidentiality assured.

Hand Compiling

Here at Extreme Mailing House, we realise that sometimes there is no other way to fulfil certain tasks than by hand, because of the odd shapes or different insert sections required. This is where our hand fulfilment specialists come into their own ensuring you get exactly what you require.

Data Management

Our experienced team will make sure that your data is up to Royal Mail standards before using it. Each ‘cleaning’ will produce a report for your records. Extreme Mailing House can perform all the usual tasks on your data; dedupe, highlight incomplete addresses. In addition to this, we can keep a safe and secure database up-to-date on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your data management needs.